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Welcome to Baldwin Farms

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***Special Concert Event***

Bluegrass Artist Theo & Brenna
Live At Baldwin Farms
Sat, October 5, 2019

3:30 PM – 6:00 PM EDT

Sponcered By White Oak Pond Christian Church


Click for Ticket Info
Mixed Grass
Hay & Straw
Tractor and Wagon
Stock Up for Livestock- Bedding & Mulch 1-10 Bales $6.00 sq. bale Over 10 Bales $5.00 sq. bale
Tips! Do you need Straw or Hay?

Ears of corn
We are a local “farm-to-table” producer of fresh, sun-raised vegetables. Visit us during the summer at our local farmers’ market locations, as long as the produce lasts.
& More
Pumpkin Patch Sign
Celebrate the harvest! Search for your favorite pumpkins and other fall produce at our festivalEnjoy a family day full of memories. Schedule your parties and events.

& More
Pup in Christmas Tree
It’s a “family tradition.” Cut your own live trees, buy fresh greenery, warm up around the open fire, sip hot chocolate & swap stories.
Christmas Tree Price List

Squirrel eating sunflower
Baldwin Farms Pumpkins & More Festival and Christmas trees are picturesque backdrops for family, engagement and holiday shoots.

Field Trips
& Events
Kids on hay bales
It’s never too early to book your event. Even though the farm is open to field trips, parties and events during festival seasons, we have limited space.

People with their dog
Everyone knows we’re dog (animal) lovers here at the farm.
Our playful pals are our official greeting committee.

Margery with a saw
We hand you a saw and a map.
Then we send you on an adventure.

Advance planning helps prepare you.
Hint! Don’t show up on a Segway.

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