Follow the Signs!

We put out signs along the road to guide visitors. Now when visitors ask for directions to Baldwin Farms, the local residents just point up the road and say “Follow the Signs.” It’s become another Baldwin Farm tradition. Look for the Turkey Crossing, the Owl House and the Deer Crossing.

From Richmond:

Baldwin Farms is conveniently located in Madison County just 3 1/2 miles from West Main Street in Richmond, KY. Turn at the stoplight at West Main Street and Tate’s Creek Road next to the Kentucky Bank (Rt. 169). Travel straight ahead while keeping alert for the Baldwin Farms Signs on the left. Go over the bridge and turn right. When you pass the Owl House going up the hill, you are almost there.

Farm Road

We urge our customers to exit the farm road before the hour of closing so everyone is down the road by dark. Although we do road work each year, it’s still a narrow farm road. It may bottleneck at times, but we have several places wide enough for passing. You can tell you’re at a “real” farm when you travel up the “real farm road.” It’s part of the adventure… “a real farm experience.” Take a look at our road views.

Find our farm on the Google Map. Or, try one of the many scenic routes to the farm.

  • Enjoy the FREE ferry ride at Valley View en route from Lexington or Nicholasville. As an adventure, from Tates Creek Road in Lexington, travel until you cross the Valley View Ferry. Then travel nine miles and look for Baldwin Farm signs on the right. Check here for Valley View Ferry Schedule.
  • It’s a short excursion from Louisville, Cincinnati, Winchester, Lancaster, McKee, Mt. Vernon and Somerset making it a beautiful scenic drive and pleasant day trip.
Try these Speedy Driving Directions from I-75
1113 Tates Creek Road
Richmond, KY 40475
From Lexington, KY (traveling south)
From Berea, KY (traveling north)
  • Drive I-75 South toward Richmond
  • Drive I-75 North toward Richmond
  • Exit 90B; turn right onto US 25N/421N.
  • Exit 90; turn left onto US25/ 421.
  • Follow Directions Below
  • Follow Directions Below
  • Turn left onto South Keenelend Drive at the stoplight (Hardee’s on the left)
  • Turn right onto Tates Creek Road (S. Keeneland will dead end at Tates Creek)
  • Follow the signs to Baldwin Farms (On the left about 2 miles)
  • You’re here! Welcome! Have fun!

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