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Who We Are:

Baldwin Farms is a family farm specializing in summer produce, fall pumpkins, and Christmas trees. We grow summer produce to sell at Farmer’s Markets, fall harvest is celebrated with a Pumpkins & More Festival at the farm, and U-Cut Christmas trees, wreaths, swags and garland are available during the Christmas season We welcome you to get to know us better!

A Typical Day

Morning comes early to Baldwin Farm. When the sun peeks over the horizon and dew glistens on the barn roof, Margery is already in morning devotions. Soon Pedro will arrive for country breakfast and go over the day’s to-do list. A hands-on person, Margery is always in the middle of it all, so off they go to morning chores.

Across the Baldwin farmyard, the dogs come running to greet them. The familiar sight of the workers’ seasonal hats bobbing in and out among the various farm scenes is soothing.  It’s a happy day for Margery when she is on the farm making sure everything runs smoothly.  Her motto is, “bloom where you are planted.”

As busy as she is, Margery often stops to spend time with the kids or introduce new friends to the goats. She responds instinctively to gentle moments like reaching up to scratch the belly of her cat sunning overhead on the swing rail.  Many animals roam around under foot, so farm work often turns into play.

Farmers are familiar with hectic schedules.  They live with the pressure of getting it all done… on time … before rain … before frost … before spring buds open … before vegetables are overripe … before straw goes to seed … before weeds sprout … and on and on.  Margery often would forget to eat, if not for Maria around to nudge her.   But at the beginning of each season, it all comes together.  Everyone gathers round with willing hands to help put out “Follow the Signs,” prepare for Farmer’s Markets, make wreaths and swags, restock  jams, honey and salsas and greet folks.

Pedro’s incredible energy allows him to carry much of the farm work-load. His skill guarantees that jobs are done well and on time. He is always deep into new plans for next year even while attending to this year’s duties. It’s hard, tiring work with a million things to do. But each day brings an excitement that something new and wonderful is about to happen. It’s at once difficult and rewarding.

Farm Sign
Margie on machine-
Boys garden
baby goats

The Legacy

Margery and Ty (Margery’s late husband) always felt the end of their rainbow would land them on a farm. It was Ty’s vision, confidence and perseverance that helped make Baldwin Farm Christmas Trees a reality.  It is Margery’s attitude of “all things grow with love” that makes one feel welcome during Pumpkins & More Festival and other seasons.  It keeps families coming back year after year. Home and contentment for them meant the glory of each sunrise, the awesome beauty of sunset skies, the fertile soil supporting new growth each season and the sound of rain on a metal roof.

Finding arrowheads in newly plowed fields reminded them they were not the first to live and love on this land.  It’s fitting that now friends share how they, too, now track  the growth of their families each year by pictures taken at Baldwin Farm. This legacy of “family tradition” is what Margery treasures most about sharing Baldwin Farm with you.

Happy times are when everyone’s smiles grow broader and contentment is abundant, watching kids be kids running free in the wind.  Kids are fascinated by the sounds of woodpeckers’ rapping rhythm in the treetops and young roosters learning to crow.  They love chasing flocks of frolicking butterflies.  Pretty soon, the adults relax and feel like kids again as they greet old friends and enjoy these special moments at Baldwin Farm.

Farm experiences help children connect with nature. Baby chicks peep happily under a light bulb in a box, Goats climb to new heights, hens lay big fresh eggs and bluebirds nest . . . all familiar sights.  Kids learn through touch, smell, sight, hearing, taste … and emotion.  They observe the cycle of life continuing as season after season new crops spring forth, become food and then die away in winter.   The fun of discovery  offers outstanding educational opportunities for them.

During our fall and winter seasons, you are welcome to join us as we celebrate the simple things in life. We’ll make memories and build dreams for future generations.  Perhaps you will find a blessing just because you were here.

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