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Farmer’s Markets are Super Fun!

Greet Friends and Enjoy Fresh Summer Produce!

Come Join the Fun!

Spend a moment in thankful reflection of the rich bounty we receive

from the earth and from our families and friends.

Everyone has a favorite season at the farm.  

Tell us about your favorite.

 Sign our guest book.


Please check our events schedule to see our opening dates and times.


Landscape Trees

Early spring is the time we plant and sell a variety of landscape trees. The fields are prepared for future crops, including the hay which is normally cut in June.

Summer Produce

We are a popular local “farm-to-table” producer of fresh, sun-raised vegetables. Visit us during the summer at our four local farmers’ market locations, as long as the produce lasts.

Pumpkins & More

Celebrate the harvest! Search for your favorite pumpkins and other fall produce at our festival. Enjoy a family day full of memories. Schedule your parties and events.

Christmas & More

It’s a “family tradition.” Central Kentucky friends cut-their-own live trees, buy fresh greenery and then warm up around the open fire, sip hot chocolate & swap stories.

News & Announcements

We hand you a saw and a map.
Then we send you on an adventure.

Advance planning helps prepare you.
Hint! Don’t show up on a Segway!

These elves were caught

‘savoring the season’
Kelly House Gift Shop.

Is Pedro on the
Naughty or Nice List?

Only Santa Knows.
But You Can Ask Him….Santa is Coming!

Sat. Dec. 5 from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Sat. Dec. 12 from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Experience a Real Country Road

Days when traffic is heaviest, we use “road monitors” to help facilitate safe entries and exits. You’ll notice passing areas where you can pull over if you should meet another vehicle when road monitors are not on duty. We urge you to exit the farm before the hour of closing so everyone is down the road by dark.

Betty Givan

Betty Givan made her yearly family trek to Baldwin Farms.  She also frequents the Madison County Farmer’s Market. Betty gained notoriety for Betty’s Kitchen on social media with her southern recipes, tips and local foodie reviews.


My dog is part of my family.
Can we bring him?



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(During Fall & Winter Seasons)