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Baldwin Farms is a family farm specializing in summer produce, straw, hay and fall pumpkins. We grow summer produce to sell only at Farmer’s Markets (not at the farm). Our Pumpkins & More Festival at the farm is open daily from September 24th thru October 30. Come join the fun. Make memories that last a lifetime!

Happy times are when everyone’s smiles grow broader and contentment is abundant, watching kids be kids running free in the wind.  Kids are fascinated by the sounds of woodpeckers’ rapping rhythm in the treetops and young roosters learning to crow.  They love chasing flocks of frolicking butterflies.  Pretty soon, the adults relax and feel like kids again as they greet old friends and enjoy these special moments at Baldwin Farm.

Farm experiences help children connect with nature. Goats climb to new heights, hens lay big fresh eggs and bluebirds nest . . . all familiar sights.  Kids learn through touch, smell, sight, hearing, taste … and emotion.  They observe the cycle of life continuing as season after season new crops spring forth, become food and then die away in winter.   The fun of discovery offers outstanding educational opportunities for them. Perhaps you will find a blessing just because you were here.

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