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Photography Policy

Due to COVID-19 restrictions relating to group activities, Baldwin Farms is not
currently accepting reservations for Photography Sessions at this time.

Baldwin Farms Pumpkins & More Festival and Christmas trees are picturesque backdrops for photography.  However, because of liability and management issues, we have established guidelines  to streamline the process and cut back on the extra work that was created for the staff in the past.   Please  read and adhere to the new policies or be prevented from using our farm for photography  in the future.  Changes to the policy will be posted on this website.


Families and friends taking personal pictures are considered guests.  There are no photography fees.

Professional photographers are considered vendors and, as such, are subject to the same profit sharing as other vendors sharing our space.  The fees help pay for the work that is created for our staff and advertising that brings clients to Baldwin Farms.   Adhering to the guidelines will help us maintain a friendly environment.  There will be a $25 session fee per client up to 3 clients in a single day payable in advance of your visit.  For more than 3 clients in a single day, a 20% vendor  arrangement will be implemented.  $150 deposit will be made with application and deducted from the 20% vendor fee before leaving the premises based on daily sales and orders.

Who is considered a professional photographer?  Any one who is taking pictures of others expecting a return, either in services or cash, or if you intend to use the pictures to establish a photography business should consider themselves professional.  You know who you are!

Family Photography Guidelines
Don’t forget to bring your camera or smart phone to capture memories of your friends and family among the beautiful fall and winter colors. Take advantage of the natural settings. Feel free to snap away! Please do not rearrange the pumpkins, mums, signs, wagons, hay bales or other items placed by farm employees. If something MUST be moved slightly, please return it to its original position. Send your best photos to us at info@baldwinfarmsky.com (as attachment) for a chance to win a prize. Submitting a photo gives us the right to use it in print and/or online.

Professional Photography requires a little planning and sharing.
Professional photographers are defined as persons being paid in cash or barter for their photos or bringing professional props and/or equipment on site.   They are considered vendors.  PP’s are expected to act as professionals and adhere strictly to our policies. This includes photographers for whom photography is not their primary source of income.
We do not authorize use of Baldwin Farm’s name or trademark in your advertising and there is no expressed or implied endorsement of any product or service.

Any published photos in print and/or online should credit the location of the photograph (Baldwin Farm, Richmond, KY).  As a vendor, please submit photos for the website sent as an attachment to info@baldwinfarmsky.com Submitting photos gives us the right to use them in print and/or online!

5 Steps to a Perfect Professional Photo Session

>> Call or text for appointments (859-582-5785) to make sure your sessions do not interrupt our activities. All sessions will occur during open hours 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.  Please supply names of clients.  Please do not ask for exceptions to our printed guidelines.
>> Print and return signed Professional Photographer Agreement before session with any fees required.
>> Sign in when upon arrival and pick up a security pass.
>> Follow all rules for managing your session and clients.
>> Pay any vendor fees owed to Baldwin Farms before leaving.
>> Sign out when you leave.
Photographers are responsible for your clients during the session. You must: (1) meet them, (2) escort them to the session area, (3) be knowledgeable of and inform clients of Baldwin Farm policies, as well as (4)follow your professional guidelines.

You are welcome to use any natural setting or backdrop. However, we discourage rearranging the pumpkins, mums, signs, wagons, hay bales and other items placed by farm employees for the benefit of the festival guests. Dismantling our displays is not allowed. We realize that professional photographers prefer to have their own materials to stack, position or adjust at will. To accommodate you, there will be several areas supplied with an assortment of pumpkins/gourds, fodder, hay bales, mums, etc., that you can use in any fashion that does not destroy the materials. This saves you the trouble of rounding up backdrops from our carefully placed displays and us the trouble of keeping track of inventory…a win-win. In the event you must move a pre-positioned item slightly, please make sure it is returned to its original position. You are, of course, welcome to bring your own props.

Rescheduling a photo session

In case of bad weather or emergencies, call the office by 9:00 a.m. the morning of the session to reschedule your session. Our staff is very busy in season so we must have proper notification.
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