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Pets Are Part Of The Family

Everyone knows we’re dog (animal) lovers here at the farm. Our playful pals are our official greeting committee. So we’re happy to see your friendly pet. However, some of our other Baldwin Farms friends are not as comfortable around strange animals. All our guests deserve an equally good time so please keep your pet leashed and under control at all times. Although your big lovable brute may enjoy a friendly game of chase, smaller farm animals and animal guests may feel like they’ve been pegged as the afternoon snack.  As you can see in these pictures, some of them are very fragile.

Feet, feet, feet…so many feet….we have many guests walking around the grounds…crawling in the grass…lying down under the trees each day. The farm grounds are packed with little ones running and playing everywhere. Even though this is a farm, please remember that public areas are not good places for “doggie-doodling.” If your pet needs “to go,” please lead him off into a vacant field and/or clean-up after him in case of accidents. Be respectful of our other guests.

girl with baby goat
Various farm animals
Man cutting a Christmas tree
Things to remember:

   1. Friendly, leashed pets are welcome.
   2. Holding your pet in arms is not the same being on a leash.
   3. Be respectful that not all people may appreciate your pet.
   4. Don’t allow your pet to chase other animals..
   5. Stepping in “doggie-doodle”… not fun.
   6.Small farm animals are not good snacks.

During the Pumpkins & More Festival, it may be even more complicated to control your pets because of the high excitement in the air with the children playing and the farm animals roaming all over the place. Of course, visitor safety, comfort and enjoyment are the most important considerations, including for you and your pet. So, if your pet is well-behaved, can be controlled on lease at all times and in all ways will enhance the experience of family fun for you and others, by all means, bring him/her. All pets and their actions are the responsibility of the pet owners.

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