Raise Your Property Values Plant Trees

According to an Arbor Day Foundation Alliance for Community Trees Survey, commissioned in 2016, 79% of Americans feel trees define their neighborhoods,

The survey revealed:

(1) 88% of Americans surveyed would pay more for a house with trees in the yard compared to a house without trees.
(2) On average, Americans pay 18% more for a house with trees in the yard.
(3) Nearly 63% or 2/3 of Americans would never buy a house that didn’t have trees in the yard.
(4) Nearly 74% or 3/4 of Americans would never move to a neighborhood without trees.
(6) 59% of Americans have favorite trees in their neighborhoods.

“It’s apparent that trees have become part of an American’s DNA when determining the value on where people want to live; however, the value doesn’t stop with a home sale,” says Dana Karcher, Program Manager. “Trees have added benefits on a local and international scale including helping to mitigate climate change, reduce air pollution and control storm water run off.”

So when you’re wondering where to spend your hard-earned bucks to get the most bang in remodeling, consider planting trees.

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