KY Proud Partners

We’re a proud Kentucky Farmer of Christmas Trees, Greenery, Landscape Trees, Pumpkins & More Fall Products, Summer Garden Produce, Hay, Straw and other by-products.  We’re often asked for information for local businesses who partner with us or otherwise serve the community in an outstanding fashion.
Macel’s Art

This is an example of Macel’s Art on wood that was showcased at the farm this past Christmas Season. We’re looking forward to having her art at the farm again this year.

River Hill Ranch

River Hill Ranch is home to Suri Alpacas, native to South America’s Andean countries. These curious creatures have become America’s newest livestock species. They resemble small llamas in appearance, the adults weighing between 106 and 185 pounds. Of the two breeds, Suri and Huacaya, River Hill Ranch has predominantly the Suri breed.

Alvina Maynard, and her family, embrace living simply with quality before quantity while remaining conscious of how personal decisions affect the world. Their family operation uses good old fashioned hard work to responsibly produce eco-friendly, sustainable & healthy products. Their product line includes a myriad of alpaca by-products. Shopping at their store supports your local KY Proud farmers.

Tours are available to learn more about and interact with the alpacas and observe sustainable agriculture and natural science. Each outing provides an opportunity for discovery!

680 N. River Hill Drive

Richmond, KY 40475