We get many calls for donations and are happy to help when we can. So we have partnered with two groups that serve the community-at-large. If you have requests, please contact these groups with your requests.


Check the website for more information or contacts.
Joan Kleine – 859-582-9530 (cell) –

Glean KY harvesting for the hungry

Baldwin Farms fields are gleaned by a group of volunteers representing GleanKY.  GleanKy is a non-profit organization whose founders recognized that a huge amount of fruits and vegetables go to waste or get plowed under.  An equally high number of Kentuckians go hungry.  They provide a connection between the food and the hungry.

GleanKy won the Environmental Pacesetter Award from the Department of Environmental Protection for its important work.  There are volunteer opportunities in Richmond or Berea.

Renate Heckler – Richmond – 859-624-0408

Martin LeForce – Berea – 859-314-5841

If you want to receive gleaned food or have excess food to donate, drop  a note to them or call.

GleanKY 859.444.4769 –