Catch Margery on Eastern Standard for WEKU-FM

Margery Baldwin is Guest on Eastern Standard for WEKU-FM

Margery was a featured guest of Grant Willoughby on Eastern Standard, WEKU’s weekly public affairs program. He discusses topics of interest and concerns related to Central and Southeastern KY.

Baldwin Farms is one of 500 Agri-tourism destinations in Kentucky. We join over 5000 members in the KY Proud Association. As an organization, we’re gaining momentum as more citizens realize the community benefits of “buying local.”

Baldwin Farms is a strong and active producer of many KY Proud products. We grow hay, straw, summer produce, pumpkins, squash and other fall products and Christmas trees. Our products are renewable resources that provide great value, in addition to supporting the local economy.

Baldwin Farms offers seasonal, family-friendly Agri-tourism destinations. We feature Farmer’s Markets, Fall Pumpkins & More Festivals, and cut-your-own Christmas tree adventures.  We showcase other KY Proud products such as Amish Jams, sorghum, Evans Orchard’s apple cider, Sutton’s local honey, Ale-8-One Barbecue Sauce, seasonal hair-bows and hand-made wooden toys, to name a few.    For more information, listen to the entire broadcast.

You can reach Grant Willoughby at 800-621-8890.  Email:  Tweet @wekuest.  He welcomes your comments about KY Proud and other topics.