Baldwin Farm Road

During pumpkin season when traffic is heaviest, we use “road monitors” to help facilitate safe entries and exits. You’ll notice passing areas where you can pull over if you should meet another vehicle when road monitors are not on duty. We urge you to exit the farm before the hour of closing so everyone is down the road by dark.

We get lots of comments about our farm road leading up the hill to the farm. Except in extremely bad weather, the road is passable and safe, although we do ask you to drive slowly and be courteous to other visitors. We grade and gravel the road each year to keep it as smooth as possible.

Keep in mind the narrow gravel road is part of the “real farm experience.” When someone asks about our location, the neighbors say, “Follow the Signs.” So when you see our farm sign at the entrance to the farm, you’ll enjoy watching the shadows dance on the road from the overhanging trees. Look closely and you may see some of the small animals that live along the way. When you pass the Owl House, you’re almost here