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Photography Policy

Baldwin Farms Pumpkins & More Festival and Christmas trees are picturesque backdrops for family, engagement and holiday shoots. Because of liability issues, in addition to the many and varied requests concerning photography, these guidelines answer questions and address issues that have created extra work for the staff in the past. Currently, there are no photography session fees. Adhering to the guidelines will help us maintain our fee-free policy for the future.

Family Photography is easy.
A fall trip to the pumpkin festival or a winter trip to the tree fields is a fun and exciting time. Don’t forget to bring your camera or smart phone to capture memories of your friends and family among the beautiful fall and winter colors. Take advantage of the natural settings. Feel free to snap away! Please do not rearrange the pumpkins, mums, signs, wagons, hay bales or other items placed by farm employees. If something MUST be moved slightly, please return it to its original position. Send your best photos to us at (as attachment) for a chance to win a prize. Submitting a photo gives us the right to use it in print and/or online.

Professional Photography requires a little planning.
Professional photographers are defined as persons being paid in cash or barter for their photos or bringing professional props and/or equipment on site. PP’s are expected to act as professionals and adhere strictly to our policies. This includes photographers for whom photography is not their primary source of income. We do not authorize use of Baldwin Farm’s name or trademark and there is no expressed or implied endorsement of any product or service. Any published photos in print and/or online should credit the location of the photograph (Baldwin Farm, Richmond, KY). We welcome all photo submissions as an attachment to Submitting photos gives us the right to use them in print and/or online!

5 Steps to a Perfect Professional Photo Session


Rules Q & A for Photo Sessions

PP’s must text or call for appointment for photo session and return a signed agreement before session.
For bad weather or emergencies, call the office by 9:00 a.m. the morning of the session to reschedule your session. Our staff is very busy in season so we must have proper notification.
Upon arrival, check in at Kelly House or Co-Co House. Baldwin Farm is a working farm and, for your safety, it is imperative that we know you are present and everyone can identify you.
Yes, we will provide an ID lanyard at check-in that you must wear and return when you check out.
You are responsible for your clients during the session. You must: (1) meet them, (2) escort them to the session area, (3) be knowledgeable of and inform clients of Baldwin Farm policies, as well as (4)follow your professional guidelines.
You and your clients must park in the parking lot. Driving in the field is not allowed.
You can schedule free photo sessions during regular business hours. Book sessions, whenever possible, on lower traffic days. Weekends during October for pumpkin season and Thanksgiving weekend for Christmas tree season are not your best days for photography sessions as those are high traffic times for our customers. Traffic (both autos and people) is extremely heavy and will require extra work/time for you and your clients to navigate and shoot around the crowd. Plan your time/cost wisely. Check our event schedules for dates and times.
Baldwin Farm customers have priority over free photo sessions. Do not expect our visitors to change their activities in order to accommodate your photo session.
You are welcome to use any natural setting or backdrop. However, we discourage rearranging the pumpkins, mums, signs, wagons, hay bales and other items placed by farm employees for the benefit of the festival guests. Dismantling our displays is not allowed. We realize that professional photographers prefer to have their own materials to stack, position or adjust at will. To accommodate you, there will be several areas supplied with an assortment of pumpkins/gourds, fodder, hay bales, mums, etc., that you can use in any fashion that does not destroy the materials. This saves you the trouble of rounding up backdrops from our carefully placed displays and us the trouble of keeping track of inventory…a win-win. In the event you must move a pre-positioned item slightly, please make sure it is returned to its original position. You are, of course, welcome to bring your own props.
We provide access to the farm as a professional courtesy to you. Please be courteous and respectful of our property, personnel, farm activities and customers. Baldwin Farm staff reserves the right to ask you to move or cooperate with last minute farm issues which may interfere with your schedule. Permission for continued use of the farm for photo sessions depends on your good attitude and compliance with farm policies.

Animal League for Life Drive

To observe our 20th birthday, we will make a donation to Animal League for Life. What better way to mark the occasion than to help rescued animals have a better life! You can help us. Please bring an item on their list of much-needed items to donate at the Pumpkin Festival. The need is great for food and supplies.

The Humane Society Animal League for Life is a local, all volunteer, no-kill, non-profit organization located at 128 Big Hill Avenue in Richmond. Adoption viewing hours are 12-5 PM on Saturdays, or by appointment.

Please consider volunteering with them or fostering a homeless dog or cat in need.

Monetary support may be mailed directly to them (contact info below). All donations are tax deductible and help support animal welfare programs at the Human Society Animal League for Life:

  • Rescue and Pet Adoption Program
  • Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) Program
  • Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic
Here is the Human Society’s wish list for the animals.
The League has placed two big dog houses at the farm to receive our donations.
Purina Dog/Puppy Chow Dog Bones & Treats Paper Towels Hand Sanitizer
Purina Cat/Kitten Chow Puppy Training Pads Cotton Balls Q-tips
Kitten and Puppy Milk Replacement Formula Collars & Leashes Cat & Dog Toys Rubbing Alcohol
Purina Weight Management Cat Food Food &Water Bowls Cat Litter Scoopable Peroxide
Grain Free Cat Food Laundry Detergent Cat Litter Clay Pet Shampoo
Canned Cat Food Bleach Trash Bags Lysol 3-1 Liquid Cleaner

Address –
Humane Society A.L.L.
P.O. 2094
Richmond, KY 40476
Voice Mail – (859) 626-5600

High Winds Destroy Landmark


The Baldwin Farms 30-year-old Christmas Tree shed blew down in high March, 2017 winds. We said goodbye to our wonderful little worker-bee shed. It has served us well in so many capacities. We used it to warm up on cold days, swap stories, steal a kiss, serve refreshments, sit a spell, make fresh greenery and greet friends. So Pedro is working to replace it with a new building dedicated to Co-Co, our beloved dog that dies last year. Co-Co House should be ready by opening day.


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Kit Carson Ecology Club Farm Tour Kit

Baldwin Farms was host to Kit Carson Career Day on May 14 and Kit Carson Ecology Club on May 17 where they enjoyed presentations by Margery. See what other activities we’ve been engaged in lately.

Date Baldwin Farms in the Neighborhood
02/08 EKU AG Marketing Class Farm Tour
Presentation: Baldwin Farm History, Agri-tourism & Marketing
04/11 Chamber of Commerce Luncheon
Central Bank
Presentation: “Grow Your Own Garden”
04/14 Kit Carson Elementary Career Day
Presentation: Farming & Baldwin Farms
05/17 Kit Carson Ecology Club Farm Tour Kit
Presentation: Vegetable Growing & Healthy Eating

Raise Your Property Values Plant Trees

According to an Arbor Day Foundation Alliance for Community Trees Survey, commissioned in 2016, 79% of Americans feel trees define their neighborhoods,

The survey revealed:

(1) 88% of Americans surveyed would pay more for a house with trees in the yard compared to a house without trees.
(2) On average, Americans pay 18% more for a house with trees in the yard.
(3) Nearly 63% or 2/3 of Americans would never buy a house that didn’t have trees in the yard.
(4) Nearly 74% or 3/4 of Americans would never move to a neighborhood without trees.
(6) 59% of Americans have favorite trees in their neighborhoods.

“It’s apparent that trees have become part of an American’s DNA when determining the value on where people want to live; however, the value doesn’t stop with a home sale,” says Dana Karcher, Program Manager. “Trees have added benefits on a local and international scale including helping to mitigate climate change, reduce air pollution and control storm water run off.”

So when you’re wondering where to spend your hard-earned bucks to get the most bang in remodeling, consider planting trees.

Call us! We can help.

Christmas Tree Association Sale

Join us for the statewide
Kentucky Christmas Tree Association
Tree and Plant Auction
Saturday – April 8, 2017 – 10:00 a.m.

Fayette County Cooperative Extension
1140 Harry Sykes Way
(just off Red Mile Road)
Lexington, KY 40504
More info: Phone 859-985-7044
(they have not moved, only address changed)

Buy local—Buy KY Proud
Come on out and support your Kentucky tree and plant farmers
as they come together for a day of
great savings and goodwill for their customers.
Enjoy the day with us.
It’s a fun time.
Prices are great.
Choose from a nice selection of trees, shrubs and plants.

Catch Margery on Eastern Standard for WEKU-FM

Margery Baldwin is Guest on Eastern Standard for WEKU-FM

Margery was a featured guest of Grant Willoughby on Eastern Standard, WEKU’s weekly public affairs program which discusses topics of topics and concerns related to Central and Southeastern KY.

Baldwin Farms is one of 500 Agri-tourism destinations spread out over Kentucky.  With over 5000 members, the KY Proud Association is gaining momentum as more citizens realize the benefits to the community of “buying local.”

Baldwin Farms is a strong and active producer of many KY Proud products that ranges from hay and straw in the spring to summer produce to pumpkins and other fall produce to Christmas trees in winter.    Baldwin Farms Christmas trees, like the other products grown on the farm, are renewable resources and provide great value in addition to supporting the local economy.

Baldwin Farms offers seasonal family-friendly Agri-tourism destinations with summer Farmer’s Markets, Fall Pumpkins & More Festivals, and cut-your-own tree adventures in winter.  They feature other KY Proud products such as Amish Jams, sorghum, Evans Orchard’s apple cider, Sutton’s local honey, Ale-8-One Barbecue Sauce, season hair-bows and hand-made wooden toys, to name a few.    For more, information listen to the entire broadcast.

You can reach Grant Willoughby at 800-621-8890.  Email:  Tweet @wekuest.  He welcomes your comments about KY Proud and other topics.

Pet Policy

Everyone knows we’re dog (animal) lovers here at the farm. Our playful pals are our official greeting committee. So we’re happy to see your friendly pet. However, some of our other Baldwin Farms friends are not as comfortable around strange animals. All our guests deserve an equally good time so please keep your pet leashed and under control at all times. Although your big lovable brute may enjoy a friendly game of chase, smaller farm animals and animal guests may feel like they’ve been pegged as the afternoon snack. As you can see in these pictures, some of them are very fragile.

Feet, feet, feet…so many feet….we have many guests walking around the grounds…crawling in the grass…lying down under the trees each day. The farm grounds are packed with little ones running and playing everywhere. Even though this is a farm, please remember that public areas are not good places for “doggie-doodling.” If your pet needs “to go,” please lead him off into a vacant field and/or clean-up after him in case of accidents. Be respectful of our other guests.




Things to remember:

  • Friendly, leashed pets are welcome.
  • Holding your pet in arms is not the same being on a leash.
  • Be respectful that not all people may appreciate your pet.
  • Don’t allow your pet to chase other animals..
  • Stepping in “doggie-doodle”… not fun.
  • Small farm animals are not good snacks.
During the Pumpkins & More Festival, it may be even more complicated to control your pets because of the high excitement in the air with the children playing and the farm animals roaming all over the place. Of course, visitor safety, comfort and enjoyment are the most important considerations, including for you and your pet. So, if your pet is well-behaved, can be controlled on lease at all times and in all ways will enhance the experience of family fun for you and others, by all means, bring him/her. All pets and their actions are the responsibility of the pet owners.